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Why We Are Different

At Rainier Financial Group, Inc. we deliver solutions that empower you to live fully and retire with confidence.

Our Total Client Profile allows us to gain a deep understanding of what matters most to you as well as the challenges you face in accomplishing your most important goals. We will gather information around seven major themes; values, goals, relationships, assets, advisors, process and interests. This will allow us to understand where you are now, where you want to go, and what gaps may be holding you back. From there, we can develop a comprehensive Wealth Management Plan.

We define Wealth Management as Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management.

Investment Consulting is the management of all investment elements as we seek to maximize the probability of clients achieving all that is important to them. This includes:

  • Portfolio performance analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Asset allocation
  • Assessment of impact of costs
  • Assessment of impact of taxes

Advanced Planning includes:

  • Wealth Enhancement: tax mitigation, cash-flow and debt planning
  • Wealth Transfer: transferring wealth effectively
  • Wealth Protection; risk mitigation, legal structures and transferring to insurance companies
  • Charitable Giving: maximizing charitable impact

Relationship Management includes:

  • Client Relationship Management: collaborative approach that includes regularly scheduled calls,
    reviews, and in-person meetings.
  • Professional Network Management: team of carefully selected professionals including legal, tax
    insurance and investment advisors each with a high level of knowledge and skill in key financial
    areas. Our team of specialists applies its expertise to evaluate all aspects of your financial
    situation and devise appropriate solutions.